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Getting Started

The first time you complete the CAQH Universal Provider Datasource, it should take about two hours to complete, but could require additional time depending upon several factors:

  • Multiple practice locations
  • Extended postgraduate training
  • Extensive work history
  • Familiarity with online tools/systems

This may seem lengthy; however, you should review a time comparison of using the CAQH application instead of the traditional paper system. In addition to being a timesaver, the Universal Provider Datasource includes these helpful features:

  • Data is automatically saved as you move from screen to screen
  • Field formatting and "sanity checks" (so it is difficult to make errors)
  • Some of your information has been prepopulated (where available)
  • Drop-down lists where applicable. For example, you can choose your medical school from a list. Once chosen, the school address will appear.
  • Data audit (to ensure completeness)
  • 24x7 access
  • Extensive Help and FAQs

Before you Begin

To make it easier and faster to complete your application we suggest the following:

  • Familiarize yourself with the type of information that the application will require.
    You may click this link to see a summary of the information requested in the application.
  • Familiarize yourself with the required steps to complete an application.
    You may click this link to see an overview of the required steps.
  • Have the proper materials available for reference when you start.
    You can click this link to see a list of the suggested materials to have handy.
  • If your practice has an office manager or clinic administrator who assists you with gathering information for credentialing, CAQH’s Practice Administrator’s Module (https://upd.caqh.org/pmm) - a feature of Universal Provider Datasource—will make their data entry task much easier. Data that is the same for multiple providers (e.g., clinic name, address and phone number) can now be entered once, rather than having to be entered repeatedly.

Please remember that one or more of the plans with which you already participate has requested that we invite you to use the Universal Provider Datasource to submit your application data. These plans are among the first to embrace the initiative. As the CAQH membership expands, your participation will become more and more beneficial. Please take this opportunity to participate early.

Your unique CAQH ProviderID may have already been sent to you. If you have received it, you may click the Next button below to register.

Good luck and thank you for your participation.

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