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About CAQH

What is CAQH?

The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare includes health plans, insurers and their trade associations who work together to improve the healthcare experience for more than 100 million Americans and their doctors. CAQH is building the first national provider credentialing database system, which is designed to eliminate the duplicate collection and updating of provider information for health plans, hospitals and providers. To learn more about CAQH, visit their web site at www.CAQH.org.


How is the data kept secured?

The confidentiality and security of application information is of utmost importance to CAQH and its members. All data obtained through the CAQH Universal Credentialing DataSource process is owned by CAQH and meets the most stringent security and privacy standards. Click here for more information.


What can EFT do for you?

CAQH is simplifying and streamlining the electronic funds transfer (EFT) enrollment process for providers and payers with a new tool that improves administrative efficiency. Instead of enrolling individually with each payer, CAQH offers a secure, online system that allows providers to enroll in electronic payments with multiple payers at no cost, eliminating redundant paper forms and saving administrative time and costs. When providers update their electronic payment information, the changes are shared automatically with their selected payer partners. Click here to enroll: solutions.caqh.org.

Launch Schedule

When can you begin using this new system?

The CAQH Universal Credentialing DataSource was launched beginning in March of 2002. Click here to view the organizations currently participating in the CAQH Universal Credentialing DataSource.

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The Practice Administrator Module is a part of CAQH's Universal Provider Datasource project that seeks to make the provider credentialing process more efficient for providers as well as healthcare organizations. By creating an online database that collects all provider information necessary for credentialing, CAQH hopes to eliminate the paperwork and hassle that many providers face during the credentialing process.

The Practice Administrator Module is specifically designed for office managers and will allow you to create information for a provider's credentialing record, then copy/reuse this information for other providers in your group. To register yourself as a Practice Administrator, select the registration button to the left. Once you have completed the registration process, you may use your username and password to associate providers to practice records that you create.

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